The eGroupWare suite consists of a number of individual installable applications.
Each one is maintained by a selected maintainer (in brackets).

GroupWare applications

These are the applications everyone expects to find in a groupware solution:

InfoLogRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
Powerful replacement for ToDo, Notes and Phonecalls, CRM customer relationship management.
CalendarRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
Powerful calendar which also supports scheduling of groups, resources and even contacts.
AddressBookRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
Contact-manager using SQL or LDAP
eMailLeithoff Stylite GmbH )
Userfriendly IMAP mail-client
FileManagerRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
Managing files stored in the (VFS)? (virtual file system) based on files or sql-db.
TrackerRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
tracking of bugs or other, integrated with projectmanager.
ProjectManagerRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
Element based Projectmanager highly integrated with all other eGW apps.
TimesheetRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
time-tracker application well integrated with projectmanager.
WikiRalfBecker Stylite GmbH )
eGW’s eGW’s Tavi:WikkiTikkiTavi clone.
Resources (N. N.)
Resources managment (inventory) and booking tool integrated into eGW calendar.
KnowlegeBase ( alpeb )
Knowledge base.
enter and view news ( RalfBecker Stylite GmbH ).
show and evaluate polls.
share your bookmarks.